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Kaliber is a boutique search firm specializing in hiring executives ‍and hard-to-fill roles for high-growth tech startups‍ in the US and beyond.

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Find high caliber talent for your team.

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What is our value?

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We dare say we are different. Think of our approach as finding your life partner. We go deep knowing your needs then personalize the right sourcing strategy, curate targeted outbound campaign, vet each candidate, manage candidate coordination, help with offer negotiations, facilitate reference checks, or pretty much whatever it takes so we close the role - we are all in this together!

Our model is placement fee for every successful hire and a deductible engagement fee too kick off the search together.

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Your own dedicated recruiter

Your own dedicated recruiter

You can trust us with your end to end recruitment needs. We keep 1:1 client and recruiter ratio as much as possible so we focus only on your project and close it at the earliest. Everybody is happy.

100% commitment to you without claiming exclusivity to the role.

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Why us?

Speed and agility run in our bloodstreams so we strive to give you a pipeline within a week.

Mission alignment is also big deal for us and we take it seriously to craft our pitch and build your brand to passive candidates - you will be happy to speak to candidates who are excited of what you’re doing!

Culture fit in a startup environment is not easy but working in the same space allows us to spot on talents that has what it takes.

We believe job posting is Jurassic. Good candidates typically don’t apply for jobs so we carefully curate our sourcing strategy and outreach campaigns to find the right talent for you. You will get an executive search approach across all your roles.

It's hard work - it takes about 8-10 touch points before candidates respond and it has to be done right.

We are equipped with the right tools that gives us access to the wider talent market and do it with speed and consistency.

We are small but mightily focused that means we make ourselves quickly available when you need us.

Being a boutique firm means our “off limits” is very small and has insignificant impact in your search consequently we have a wider talent market access.

Our average recruiter and client ratio is 1:1 thereby our completion rate is nearly 100%. We stay within our niche so you can leverage our industry expertise and network. ​

Guarantee period for every hire.

Why choose us?

1:1 Recruiter and Client Ratio

Speed and quality of the search are top of our game.


Our rate is startup friendly.

High Speed

A decade of experience + the right tools keep us up to speed.

Dedicated Support

Like having an in-house recruiter for your on-demand needs.

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“If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood, sweat, and tears.”

Simon Sinek

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